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Wirral IT Solutions works with many SMEs throughout the Wirral and Liverpool with between 5 and 300 users supporting all IT requirements ranging from the design and installation of equipment and networks to provision of connectivity and bespoke software.

Below are the three most popular methods of taking on our IT support services.

Ad-hoc Support

Our ad-hoc IT support is very simple - you pay for what you need and no more.
When you hve a technical requirement, you will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

Wirral IT Solutions can provide remote support or on-site support, depending on your particular requirements.

As this option does not include any guaranteed response-times, it is ideal for smaller businesses with up to around 5 users who do not absolutely depend on their IT infrastructure.

Some of the benefits of ad-hoc support are:

  • Flexibility - use us when you need us
  • No contracts
  • Clear and simple charges


Unlimited Remote Support

Unlimited Remote Support offers great value for money for businesses who need help with the day to day maintenance of their IT. Our friendly engineers are able to support our customers via telephone, or we can connect securely to your computer/server and look at your issue as if we were sitting in your office.

This service is charged as a low monthly per PC/Server rate. In return you receive: unlimited remote IT support for that computer/server; guaranteed response time and proactive server monitoring. From time to time an on-site visit may be required - this is normally due to a physical hardware problem or lack of internet access. These visits would be charged at our standard hourly rate.

The charges for this support are:

  • £9 per PC per Month
  • £45 per Server per Month

Remote support is ideal for businesses which require day to day support with everyday tasks, such as setting up new users, email accounts, supporting software and more. Some of the benefits of an unlimited remote support agreement are:

  • Unlimited Remote Support*
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Nationwide Remote Support

Please note: A fair usage policy of 20 hours per pc per month and 30 hours per server per month will apply.


Maintenance Contracts

If your business relies on your IT to run, our maintenance contracts give your business greater flexibility and support to suit your needs.

Our maintenance support agreements give your business your own IT department. Every agreement has inclusive hours which can be used for either remote or on site support. Each of our maintenance agreements are tailored to your unique needs to ensure your get the best possible support to keep you doing what you do best - run your business.

This support is ideal for companies who rely on their IT and need fast and reliable support to act as either 1st or 2nd line support. Within our maintenance agreements, you get:

  • Inclusive Maintenance hours for use of remote or onsite
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Free broadband
  • Free web and email hosting
  • An entire IT department supporting you
  • Phones answered within 60 seconds
  • Reduced hourly rate for work over or outside the maintenance agreement