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Wirral IT Solutions
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Internet Services

We have access to various technologies through strategic partnerships and can provide connectivity solutions appropriate for your company.


Fully-managed broadband
Wirral IT provides fully-managed ADSL connectivity to business customers.
Technical problems with circuit-providers are resolved directly by Wirral IT, with on-site visitations carried out by our engineers where necessary.

Leased lines
Wirral IT Solutions can provide leased lines connectivity ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps between sites, datacenters or to the internet.
Reliability is enhanced through constant monitoring of lines and ADSL backup circuits.

A leased line equivalent using alternate technology providing high speed, reliable and quickly deployable connections at a lower cost.


VPN – Virtual Private Network

Used to connect multiple sites together allowing workers all over the country to communicate on a single network.
They also provide flexibility, allowing remote workers to connect to office networks from home.


Content Filtering

Wirral IT offers content filtering to restrict or block access to certain websites, or from certain computers, preventing things such as instant messaging services, social networking sites etc during working hours.
This can be particularly useful in environments such as schools, where content filtering is of the utmost importance.


Cloud-based Web & E-mail Hosting

Cloud hosting is based on clustered, load-balanced servers. Servers in cloud-based environments can compensate in the event of hardware failure.